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  • Developer: Microsoft Corporation‬
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  • Version: 2021
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Release Date
Feb 27, 2018
Microsoft Corporation‬
Microsoft Corporation‬
Windows PC


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Take Screenshots with Snip & Sketch App for Free

William Garcia

Snip & Sketch is a free and open source application for Mac and Windows that enables you to capture your desktop and instantly share it with anyone. The software download Snip & Sketch app is mostly designed for designers and gives you the ability to annotate and enhance your screen captures with shapes, cropping, overlays, add comment to it.


User interface of Snip & Sketch download is very intuitive and minimalistic. The user is given the option to draw a freehand sketch or a screenshot. The freehand sketch function is a drawing tool which is a pencil-like button with a crosshair to help the user draw a line. The screenshot function is a camera icon which takes a full screenshot of desktop and saves it as a PNG image. All of buttons are clearly labeled and easily accessible. Interface is user-friendly and it has a simple menu bar, which contains Capture, Comment, Capture Toolbar, Share menu items.

To capture a screenshot Snip & Sketch app, you need to click on Capture menu item, Capture Toolbar will appear. The Capture Toolbar Snip & Sketch Windows 10 has a Capture button, a timer that indicates time before screenshot will be automatically captured, a button that will display a live preview of screenshot, a button to take a screenshot of a certain area, a button to take screenshot of a window, a button for capturing a whole desktop, button for capturing a region of desktop.

Interface is simple and straightforward. It can be accessed by clicking on “snipping tool” icon. There are two tools on left for capturing entire screen or just a part of it. Screenshot is then previewed on right. It is possible for user to change style of screenshot by clicking on gear icon on top-right.


Application Windows Snip & Sketch is easy to use and after you have captured a screenshot, you have option to add comments to it. Only thing you have to do is to click on Comment menu item and a text editor window will appear. You can write a comment and then you must just click on Share menu item, window will appear that contains a list of most popular sites where you can share your screenshot. Only tool that is available in sketch function is pencil.

Sketch function is primarily used to draw on screen. Pencil is only tool that is available in this function. Only features available in sketch function are pencil and eraser. For notes function, user has three options. They are text, voice, text. Text is used for quick notes. Voice is for recording oneself speaking their thoughts. Text is used for handwritten notes.


Software Snip & Sketch download free has a lot of useful features for designers, such as ability to annotate screenshot with shapes, cropping, overlays, add a comment to it. Software is available for free it is open source.


Product download Snip & Sketch is open source and free software that is available for Windows and Mac. Application is mostly designed for designers and it gives you ability to capture your desktop and share it with others.


  • Why isn't my drawing showing up at Snip & Sketch free download?
    Drawings are only shown on phone, not app. To share a drawing, tap 'Save' button, then 'Share' and select desired sharing option.
  • What is difference between pro and free versions?
    Free version includes a single drawing, while pro version includes unlimited drawings.
  • How do I share my drawing?
    Tap 'Save' button, then 'Share'.


Software product install Snip & Sketch is a very useful application that is easy to use and offers many features for annotating screenshots. It is a great free and open-source screenshot application for Macs.

It lets you take screenshots of whole screen or of specific windows, annotate them with text, arrows, shapes, save them as PNG, JPG, or PDF files. This application has technical capability to let users export their screenshots as a PDF file.


  • Interface is simple and easy to use
  • Software is so fun! You can use your finger to draw or snip any part of a photo
  • There are so many features to use, so you would have to have a lot of time on your hands to get bored with this one
  • You can store your creations in your photo library or share them with friends on social media
  • Product is free


  • When you are using soft, it can be hard to see what you are drawing
  • Only way to edit your creations is to delete them
  • There is no undo button
  • Software only includes options of black and white shading
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